Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar | Iran | New York

Excerpt from a Story in the New York Times about the US drone planes which are supposedly flying over Iran gathering information on Iran’s nuclear facilities:
After news media reports today of a loud explosion in southern Iran caused by one of the planes' being fired on, stock prices in New York dipped. One government official said the noise was a fuel tank falling off an airplane. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards said the blast occurred during dam construction, but another government official, in a statement that added to the confusion, later said there had been a large bang but no explosion.
So the Iranian new media reports that there was an explosion caused by one of these drones being fired upon; a government official claims on the other hand it was fuel tank falling off an airplane; yet another an explosion at a dam construction site, while still another claims there was no explosion at all but just a loud bang, and all this causes stock prices on the New Year Stock Exchange to fall?

I hesitate to check my own retirement account after this, lest I suddenly discover that in my old age I will have to go out and join the street people rummaging through the trash dumpsters behind my apartment, all because of an unexplained bang in Iran.