Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mongolia | Khentii Aimag | Continental Divide

Our group at Biren Buren Pass, the Continental Divide of Inner Asia. East of here drains into the Kherlen River, in the Pacific Ocean Watershed, and west of here into the Tuul River, in the Arctic Ocean watershed.

Mongolia | Khentii Aimag | Yestiyn Rashaan

Just completed a 180 kilometer horse trip from Mongonmort to the Yestiyn Hotsprings in Khentii Aimag and back.

Historical Consultant and horse wrangler Mojik

Ruins of Sardgiyn Khiid, monastery founded by Zanabazar in 1654 and destroyed by Galdan Bolshigt in 1688.

The bath houses at Yestiyn Hotsprings. These hotsprings were frequented by Zanabazar, who did a detailed study of their medicinal properties.