Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mongolia | UB News

A potpourri of Ulaan Baatar news . . . Another one of Ulaan Baatar's Mystery Buildings. I have asked a dozen people what this is and no one has a clue. Whatever it is, the building does not seem to be open to the public. Maybe some strange cult is holding secret ceremonies here . . . Neo-Grecian Dionysians?
Ulaan Baatar has joined the Wi-Fi World and now boasts several hotspots. This one is near the Tech Center on Little Ring Road. On September 27 a new sixty-nine foot-high statue of Buddha sponsored by the South Korean Kimgon Buddhist Center and dedicated to Zanabazar was unveiled at Zaisan Hill, near the Bogd Khan's Winter Palace Museum. (Photo courtesy of Monkhnyagt)
The Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum has just recently gotten a new coat of paint and now looks quite spiffy.