Monday, June 19, 2006

Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar | Bogd Khan Uul

For the last several years it has been my custom to visit the summit of Bogd Khan Uul, the huge massif just to the south of Ulaan Baatar, on the day of the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice occurs this year at exactly 9:27 pm on June 21. This year I decided to move up my annual pilgrimage to the mountain to a Sunday, June 18, so that my friend Saraa, who had a day off work, could go along. From Ulaan Baatar we drove to Mandshir Monastery, on the south side of the mountain, and took the 4.5 kilometer-long trail to the summit. From Mandshir the altitude gain to the summit is 1727 feet; from Ulaan Baatar 2940 feet.
Calligrapher, mountain climber, and wireless internet moghul Saraa leading the way to Bogd Khan Uul.
Saraa resting on the way to Bogd Khaan Uul
Bogd Khan Uul is of course one of the Four Sacred Mountains which surround Ulaan Baatar, and one the three mountains in Mongolia official declared sacred by State Decree, the other two being Burkhan Khaldun in Khentii Aimag and Otgon Tenger in Zavkhan Aimag.
On the ridgeline of Bogd Khan Uul with the summit in the distance
The summit of Bogd Khan Uul: the white monument was just placed here in 2004.
Ovoo at Bogd Khan Uul
Ovoo on the summit
Saraa burnishing her already luminous chakras at the summit ovoo