Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mongolia | Khentii Mountains | Asralt Khairkhan

The highest peak of the Khentii Range, in north-central Mongolia, is 9,173-foot Asralt Khairkhan, also known as the Burkhan Khaldun of the Kerait people. The mountain can be reached in three or four days by horse from the sum center of Möngönmort in Töv Aimag. Interesting stops on the way there are the Continental Divide, Zanabazar's monastery of Saridgiin Khiid, and Yestiin Hot Springs.
Asralt Khairkhan from the distanceFlat-topped Asralt Khairkhan
The 9,173-foot summit of Asralt Khairkhan is at N48º27.939 - E107º24.769
Horse wrangler Irina relaxing on the way to Asralt Khairkhan