Wednesday, August 03, 2005

China | Chengde | Sledgehammer Rock

Took the cable car up to Sledgehammer Rock, a strangely shapely natural stone formation on the skyline above Chengde.

In local lore the rock has come to represent the manhood of Chengde's male population. There is a legend that if the rock should ever fall down the virility of local men would be irreparably damaged. The local joke is that half the women in Chengde are trying to prop the rock up and the other half are trying to knock it down.

China | Chengde | Qing Emperors' Residence

The relatively modest living quarters of the Qing emperors at the Chengde Mountain Resort. They liked to think they were roughing it when they came here for the summer, although of course they had several hundred servants and concubines in waiting, to say nothing of officials, bodyguards, troops, and assorted hangers-on.

Living Quarters

Throne of the Qing Emperors