Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mongolia | Guidebook | Calligraphy

The decorative calligraphy in Old Mongolian Script for the Zanabazar Guides was done by Sarantuya.
Frontpiece of the Guides. This reads "First Bogd Gegen - Zanabazar"
Calligraphy Artist Sarantuya

Mongolia | Illustrated Zanabazar Guidebook

The Illustrated Guidebook to Locales Connected with the Life of Zanabazar : First Bogd Gegeen Of Mongolia is now available in paperback. This version has 108 color photographs. Sample photos from the book:
Stupa at Shireet Tsagaan Nuur marking the spot where Zanabazar was enthroned as the first Bogd Gegeen.
Tövkhön, Zanabazar's retreat and workshop where many of his most famous artworks were created.
Elegtseg Lake, near the temple founded by Zanabazar at the base of Burkhan Khaldun, the mountain worshipped by Chingis Khan.
Onon Hot Springs, one of several hot springs frequented by Zanabazar.

Download a Sample Chapter

There is also a eBook Version of the Illustrated Guidebook available. And of course, the text-only version, for those who do not like their reading experience diluted with photographs, is still available as a Paperback and eBook.