Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mongolia | Dornogov Aimag | Shambhala

Two kilometers (1.24 miles to normal people) ATCF from Khamariin Khiid is Danzan Rajvaa’s Huge Three Dimensional Representation of the Sacred Land of Shambhala. Created in the last two years of his life, this Shambhala consisted of a huge square encompassed by a wall of 108 stupas with four gateways, plus several other larger stupas, ovoos, and other constructions. Most of the original Shambhala here was destroyed during the repressions of the late 1930, but a big project is now underway to restore the complex. The square of 108 ovoos is being rebuilt, along with three of the original four gateways and eight larger stupas.

According to tradition noblemen entered Shambhala by the right gate and lamas and teachers by the left gate. Pilgrims and worshippers entered by the Central Gate. The Central Gate had two doorways named the Golden Doorstep and the Silver Doorstep. Visitors to Shambhala entered by the Golden Doorstep and left by the Silver Doorstep. Upon entering the Golden Doorstep you were suppose to leave all harmful thoughts behind and think only auspicious thoughts while in Shambhala.
A path leading from near the temples to Shambhala ends just in front of the Center Gate.
The Center Gate with the two doorways under construction. The Brick front will have representations of the 25 Kalkin Kings of Shambhala.
Two of the larger stupas and one of the completed smaller stupas which will make up the square of 108.
Large stupa and two smaller stupas making up the square.
The ring of rock in the background is known as the Twelve Year Circle and represents the 12-year cycle of the Tibeto-Mongolian calender. In front of the Twelve Year circle are three different-sized ovoos representing the Future, Present, and Past. The Ovoo of the Future is in the front. The Ovoo of the Present is just visible immediately behind it. The smallest ovoo is the the Ovoo of the Past. According to tradition, If you put a white stone on the Ovoo of the Future while saying your surname and then first name when you die you will be reincarnated very quickly.
The Maidar’s Circles. These three circles make up a line pointing to Khairkhan Uul, the mountain where Danzan Ravjaa’s spirit is supposed to reside.
The Brain Ovoo—Center of Shambhala—in the distance.
The Brain Ovoo
The Brain (Tarkhi) Ovoo. This is the center point of energy in Shambhala. Local monks claim that when there are dust storms and high winds outside Shambhala Land here by the Brain Ovoo it is always calm. Some people also claim to feel heat or some other form of energy emanating from this place. Monks also claim that there are just two places like this in the world. The other place is in Tibet, although they say they do not know the actual location.
Shambhala from a nearby hill. The complex is expected to be completed by September of 2006, when there will be an official opening and dedication.

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