Friday, March 25, 2005

Mongolia | Springtime in the Big Buutz

Winter is over in the Big Buutz. Temperatures up into the 40s F. in the afternoons and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine.

Sun worshippers at Gandan Monastery

Here is a new billboard

Man of the Millennium Temujin, a.k.a Chingis Khan, Genghis Khan, etc.

All this Chingisophilia is of course leading to the 800th Anniversary of the Founding of the Mongolia Empire scheduled for 2006. Book your hotel rooms now.

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Brother Artemis said...

I never did tell you that I think your stuff is wonderful. Would love to make it for the anniversary, but the two kids in high school...mmmmm.

Bahram is a name of the Zarathustran "messiah" and also appears in the lineage of "Black Hat" (Kagyu) lamas. Just wondering if you have come across this name anywhere in your travels or research. Enjoy the good weather.