Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nepal | Mongolia | Shambhala | Endgame Update

Could this be Maitreya?: Boy in Nepal Believed to be Reincarnation of Buddha. Already he is attracting 10,000 pilgrims a day . . . And now the Ruins at Armageddon have just been uncovered. Is there some kind of convergence here? Lama Gombo at Lamrim Khiid has opined that 2012 just might be the year the 25th Khalkin King of Shambhala returns with General Hanuman to lead the last battle against the enemies of Buddhism . . . Traditional Tibetan Sources give the year 2327 for the Return of the Last King of Shambhala, but recent events, including the Destruction of the Bamian Buddhas by the Taliban, may have speeded up the timetable. Look out folks, it's Katy-Bar-the-Door Time! Need I add that the 14th Dalai Lama is giving a Kalachakra Initiation this January at Amaravati, India, where according to tradition Buddha taught the Kalachakra Tantra to the First King of Shambhala? According to tradition, whoever takes the initiation has a chance to be Reborn in Shambhala.
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Excerpt from Kalachakra Tantra:
Through making prayer-wishes persons can be reborn in Shambhala whereby they can enjoy the Kulikas' [Kalkis'] continued preaching of the doctrine. Also, initiation [into the Kalachakra] is said to establish predispostions for rebirth in Shambhala not only for the sake of maintaining practise of the Kalachakra system but also for being under the care and protection of the Kulika Rudra With A Wheel when the great war comes. Thus, Shambhala is a beacon of hope in a world of tragedy for many Tibetans, Mongolians, Bhutanese, Sikkimese, Nepalese, and Ladakhis.

Excerpt from The Wheel of Time:
The Kalachakra or “Wheel of Time” is a tantra that plays a unique and paradoxical role in Tibetan Buddhism. On the one hand, most Tibetan Buddhists believe it to represent the very pinnacle of Buddhist esoterism. The Kalachakra presents the Buddha’s most profound and complex statement on matters both worldly and religious, and its intricacies have placed it beyond the ken of all by a few specialized scholars and practioners who can master it onlTy by understanding a vast range of traditional ideas and practises. On the other hand, initiations into the meditational practise of Kalachakra are the only Anuttara Yoga tantra initiations that are offered to the general public. The Kalachakra’s association with the kingdom of Shambhala, the ground of a future revival of the Dharma, gives it a special eschatological focus.

Excerpt from The Practise of Kalachakra:
For most attendees, the purpose of sitting through the initiation ceremony would not be to receive empowerment as a permission to enter into the yogic endeavors, but rather to have the opportunity to bask in the bright rays of the spiritual communion with the initiating lama, in this case the Dalai Lama, and hopefully to absorb a sprinking of spiritual energy from the occasion. As well, the hope would be to generate karmic seeds that establish a link with the lama and also with Shambala [Shambhala], the mythological pure land of the Kalachakra doctrine.
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