Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mongolia |Töv Aimag | Aryaval Temple

Wandered out to Aryaval Temple near Terelj, north of Ulaan Baatar. The temple has been under construction for several years now and should be completed this summer.

Aryaval Temple, center
Bridge leading to Aryaval Temple. The sign says, “"The Bridge to Deliver [you] Beyond Wisdom,” according to Luke Distelhorst.
Bridge with Aryaval Temple beyond
The temple while under constructionThe Kalachakra Temple, to the right of the main temple
When completed this temple will contain a thangka of Shambhala, a Kalachakra mandala, and other items connected with the Kalachakra.
In the first floor of the temple is the stunning “Gallery of Buddhist Philosophy,” with 220 original paintings by artist Bayantsagaan illustrating various points of Buddhist beliefs and philosophy.
Four of the paintingsOne of the paintings

Artist Bayantsagaan, right, explicating a fine point of Buddhist philosophy to the ever-rapt Narangua
A newly carved Buddha on the hillside above the temple
Newly constructed meditation hut in the cliffs above the temple, just visible in the center of the photo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Don,

For the sign on the bridge, it literally means,

"The bridge to deliver [you] beyond wisdom"

So it has a little bit different. There is no mention of the, "perfection of wisdom." Hope all is well with you,


Don Croner said...

Is the Mongolian word for "Prajnaparamita Sutra" in the sign? Bayantsagan seemed to indicate that it was, although I might of misunderstood him. The "Prajnaparamita Sutra" is the "Perfection of Wisdom Sutra."

Anonymous said...

the word "Bilig," is the first word on the sign. This means wisdom. The name of "Prajnaparamita Sutra" is, "Bilgiin Barimid."

The sign, "Bilgiin chanad...." means beyond wisdom.

Don Croner said...

Thanks, Luke! I am glad someone is keeping on eye on these things . . .

Anonymous said...

That meditation hut in the cliff is just about the coolest thing I've yet seen in Mongolia. Leaving in less than 24 hours and I'm practically choking I'm straining at the leash so hard!